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Writers and readers of LGBT romance come from all walks of life, with a shared certainty: Love knows no boundaries. Our members are career-focused individuals creating, publishing, and promoting LGBT romance.

Rainbow Romance Writers develops and promotes excellence in LGBT romance fiction, offering a virtual home to professional authors of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender love stories. Our members come from all walks of life but a love of literature is a common bond that connects us. As an active chapter of the Romance Writers of America, our chapter:

  • Fosters artistic and professional success
  • Helps members succeed as artists and professionals
  • Advocates passionately for our rapidly expanding market online and at events both LGBT and romance-related
  • Provides a dynamic resource for our members, the media, and the publishing industry
  • Challenges assumptions, boosts visibility, and celebrates the scope of LGBT romance

Rainbow Romance Writers opens doors.  We continue to push for research, awareness, and education in unexpected communities. With every story, our members build bridges with unexpected allies: romance readers expanding their horizons and LGBT readers discovering romance fiction for the first time.

We are changing minds, one heart at a time.


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Latest News

The “C” Word, by Belinda MaBride

It was the author’s nightmare.

A few years back, I was reading a glowing review for “An Uncommon Whore 2: When I Fall.” In the midst of basking in the praise, I was stunned when a commenter noted that between books one and two, I’d switched the names of Griffin Hawke’s daughters.

What? No way!

I opened both the book files and looked…OMG. She was right.

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